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Are you needing an illustrator? I'm available!


What I Offer for Novel Covers:

  • Front cover

  • Back cover

  • Spine 

  • Edits

  • Unlimited sketches to start!

Colleen's Cover_edited.jpg

One of my favorites things to do is work with authors to make their stories come to life through my digital or traditional drawings! I provide only the HIGHEST quality pieces while willing to make edits when necessary! I understand that you, as the author, care A LOT about how your book looks and I am here to take all your worries away so that YOU can be as happy with your book as possible!


  • To meet deadlines.

  • Transparency

  • Quality over everything!

  • Fast, fluid communication.

  • Attention to detail is my specialty!

Let's Work Together!

Thanks for submitting!


Angelique Modin 

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